Friday, July 31, 2009

M's Game and Seafair weekend

What to do in 103 degree weather ....

First off, it started with me giving Willis a major trim. This guy was SO hot with his thick winter coat on, so I thought he needed a little help before calling Dirty Dogs (love that name) to beg them to squeeze him in. I really was afraid he was going to "overheat" and have a heat stroke with that much fur!!

This is his bed-head hair before and it totally makes me smile ....

Secondly, why beat the heat by sitting indoors with AC when you can soak up part of the heat wave at the Seattle Mariners game?! It reminded me of Texas summers watchinging the Rangers play and sticking to the seats for majority of the time. Thankfully, Mollie came prepared with a spray bottles to keep us cool the entire game, and I proudly wore 30 SPF over my entire body.

It was a great game with more Blue Jay fans that I knew what to do with.
I had to play close attention when a massive group was cheering because I caught myself cheering for the opposite team once or twice.

Our weather has finally cooled down just in time for Seafair. It is a fun weekend for Seattleites, and we will be heading to Mercer Island this afternoon to watch the Blue Angels performance. Every boat within a couple hundred miles gets out on the water this weekend for a crazy good time!

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend!! More later.


Robin said...

Willis is such a sweetie! Love the bedhead!

Carol said...

Love Seafair! The planes were buzzing around my office today practicing for the show. I'll look for you out on the water tomorrow!

Tracy-Girl said...

I cant believe how hot it is up there!! Fun ways to stay out of the heat though, and poor little pup! He must be so hot!

ginna said...

The pic of you and Gabe is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kickin' Kari said...

My cow!! you make me miss home with all your Seattle pictures. YEs, I am a born and raised Washingtonian...although I LOVE LOVE LOVE South Carolina I do sometimes miss the beauty of the Pacific Northwest!! Enjoy it for me...maybe stop and have some clam chowder for me this winter in Pikes Place market(if you like it!) ...ohhh I'm gonna miss that!

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