Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Miss Out

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday w. the hubby

Marriage is all about give and take, right?  Gabe picked his favorite spot for lunch, and I chose the shopping.  Five Guys Burgers and Fries is like my husbands second home.  He loves it, and I am going to admit of all burgers I like it too!  Perfecttttt!

Little did we know this stroll was going to lead us into a winter wonderland, AND we passed five cars who slid into the median!  Gabe offered to drive which was very manly of him, but I reassured myself that my AWD Subaru Outback would keep us safe.  He said, "I can tell you are nervous!"  Bahaha, I guess I was really tense, and now I think I'm officially over the snow.

AND, I am happy to report that Gabe took the plunge and is no longer a Lululemon virgin.  Uh ohh, what did I start, haha!  As he found more stuff than me today, love it!

I got THIS tank for less than half price ...
Not sure why the discount as it's still sold in stores & on-line, but I'll take it!

 The back is my favorite part, super cute and unique.
Google Images

A gal can never have too much Lulu!!

We are suppose to celebrate this evening with our Crossfit friends as our gym is opening it's THIRD location in Seattle, but I am not sure if we are going to rally with the freezing temps and chilly snowy weather.  We will see.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little This Little That

I just had an epiphany at Target & I decided I needed one!
I am happy to report I bought my first BRITA :)

I got the "Slim" as I have to fight for space with Gabe's two-gallons of milk taking up all the room in the fridge.  Seattle tap water is amaaaazing, but our freezer doesn't make ice and we have the stupid cubed ice we freeze and have to pop out when we need it.  Worst thing about living in a townhouse, is the ICE!!  So, this has been so convenient to have chilled water on demand.

Now the good with the bad ....
We are on a cake-eating-train-that-must-slow-down 
from the rate we are going!!!

For Valentines Day, I surprised hubby with a red velvet cake.  YUMMERS.

Google Images

Then, he demanded I make another one (as we devoured the first one), 
so I happily whipped up the classic yellow cake with chocolate icing.  

I grew up with mom making this cake for us as kids, yes, it brings back pure joy.  It's the ONE treat I never caught flack for eating as a kid, in fact it was encouraged by mom -- even for breakfast!  This was our little secret before school and dad might be finding out for the first time as he reads this post :) !!!

Which leads to me carrying on the tradition and I "get" to eat it for breakfast in the Smith household.  Why break a tradition now?!?!  

Google Images

THEN, oh yes, Gabe asked that I make the confetti cake.
Hey now, they were on sale, so I stocked up!

Google Images

Now, I am caked out, thank goodness.  But, I think it's because the vanilla frosting and confetti cake is just so-so for me.  I choose my calories wisely, and I will stick to the red velvet and yellow cake next time around!  

Thank goodness for crossfit and the fact that I'm active, haha!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snowy Mt. Baker

Hubbs and I were thrilled for a long weekend and 
we're so very anxious to getaway more than we thought!

February and Seattle is a cold mess with rain rain and more rain. 
Creating a perfect opportunity for us to drive over the pass to fresh snow 
AND soak up the glorious sun.

Our sweet family of four :)

27 degrees and blue skies

Enjoying a hike with the pups

Until they got off course and attempted to create their own path ...

Broke my heart with the little "monkey" getting stuck .... Baha, I did laugh!

Is this face not priceless!!

Love my bebes

Big brother leading his sister

Loving my weekend stay-cation getaway

Harley leading the way ... see the dot far FAR away?
Her 5 lb self truly has no fear.

It was so temping to leave the pups in the car and hit the slopes, but Gabe reminded me that would be torture for them in the freezing weather.  
I just wanted to ski a few runs ... arrrg!

Until our next adventure ....

This trip got us pumped for trails opening in May, the best is yet to come!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lady Gaga

Celebrity of the 21st century, I think so!!!

Sold 60 million singles worldwide ...
Topped the charts with 6 number one songs ...
Videos viewed over a billion times on-line ...

Yes I think she is a superstar and incredible, plus she is only 24.
I personally find her inspiring and I'm a Little Monster myself :)

Have ya'll heard this girl?

Some find her stupid, which is fine too.  Are any of you crazy obsessed with Lady Gaga like me?!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apothica, Apothica, Apothica

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Share the Love

Valentines is just another day to love on your special ones, 
BUT it does make things slightly more exciting and 
to celebrate a little differently than you normally would!!

Like dining in a new spot (*still haven't been to Din Tai Fung yet ... hint hint)
Or engraving your love in a tree, maybe we should try that.

Definitely sharing some yummy chocolates

To know I wouldn't want to be with ANY other man 
than the one God sought out perfectly for me!

Love you to the moon and back - even when I'm (yes me) stubborn.

Happy Valentines Day - Can't wait to celebrate :)

And I will leave you readers with this cute cute cute box 
to hold your Valentines in .... maybe if I was a teacher!

Images found on Google

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gracelynn Gayle

My sweet gorgeous niece is 6 months old as of yesterday.
It's incredible how quickly they grow up, unbelievable actually.

It is such a blessing to have a healthy angel child like her, as "Gracie Girl" brings joy to all of us!  AND, of course, so does her big brother Griffin Bryce!  Miss them bunches and can't wait to squeeze them both!

Skype session soon sister??


I wanted to share with my lovely readers as so many of you contacted me regarding the gorgeous framed story I posted about earlier this week.

My sister in law purchased it from Etsy - Mod Memento.  
You can find her shop here, happy shopping!!  

She also offers so much more creativity like the ones below!

Great gift ideas for newborns and/or weddings!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Interesting Concept

Black Out - Dining in Total Darkness!!

"Valentine’s dinner.

But if, for some reason, you still haven’t made plans—busy week untagging Super Bowl party photos, last-minute date with ScarJo—you’re probably out of luck.

Well, if it weren’t for this...

Introducing Opaque, a two-hour, four-course meal in complete darkness, available now through Monday at the Aloft hotel.

Okay, first things first—it’s not exclusively on Valentine’s Day. It’s technically every night this weekend. But given the proximity to February 14... well, your date is going to consider it a Valentine’s dinner. So you have to, too.

Now, you should also know that the concept comes from Germany, where blind waiters (really) would serve dinner in a pitch-black room to heighten all the other senses—including your sixth sense for finding the butter.

So first you’ll line up two seats for you and your fearless date. Then you’ll head to the basement of the Aloft downtown. Here, you’ll be greeted by a waiter, who’ll whisk you away to a blacked-out dining room.

After being guided to your table, you’ll start your four-course expedition into complete and total darkness. Soon, you’ll be slicing fish, sipping wine, passing plates of watermelon gazpacho and chocolate almond mousse cake, asking whose foot that was...

At least, we think that was gazpacho."

at Aloft Dallas Downtown
1033 Young St
Dallas, TX 75202

Read the article here on Urban Daddy
and if you live in Dallas go check it out and let me know your thoughts!
Sounds like an interesting concept for sure.

Could you convince your spouse to go?
I think Gabe would be sold.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sicky Wifey

And another one bites the dust, yes ....
I am super sick just like the rest of the world.
Blah blah blah, strep throat has gotten the best of me!

Now, if the antibiotics will just kick in already because Momma Smith is miserable, and hubby is trying to stay clear of me so he doesn't catch the highly contagious crud.  After getting home from the doctor and him realizing how sick I am, he asked if he should sleep on the couch so I didn't pass it to him.  Really??  Because I am pretty sure I am not sleeping solo, ever.  So flip over and face the other direction.  How's that for sympathy?!?

Thank goodness for FABULOUS pomegranate vanilla tea, it is beyond amazing and I can't get enough.  It's caffeine free, which normally I am not a fan of, BUT it means I can drink it up until bed time.  YAY!

You must try it, incredible for a sicky girl.

After working from home today, I was able to clean up the entire TiVo.  The only thing left are his silly ghost shows that I despise.  I actually got caught deleting them last week (on purpose) and was told not do do it again.  Ooops, my bad, NOT.

Oh how wonderful it is to read in peace and quiet!  
I am currently reading this

And somehow I feel like strep is turning into strep + sinus infection!!!

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