Monday, July 13, 2009

Sushi and Fun

I managed to somehow miss a few comments earlier in the week that would spoil the evening plans that Mollie and the girls worked so hard on, and I really ended up being fully surprised. Some of my favorite ladies took me out for Umi sushi on my birthday, and we had such a fun time! It is an absolute favorite of mine in Seattle and is such a great spot for big groups. The restaurant seemed like it was 100 degrees inside, so ignore my shiny face!!

Leigh Ann, Jenny DB, Kate, Marissa, Me, Becca, Shelby, Jamie, and Molls

(I am waiting for Mollie's copy so there isn't a flash directly in Jenny and Katie's face,
but this one will have to do for now.)

Kate Marie

Jamie surprised me with an entire box of TROPHY cupcakes.
She called Gabe to see what my favorite flavors were,
and he told her Snickerdoodle and Triple Chocolate -- those are his favorites!
haha, he was right with the chocolate suggestion and hoping for leftovers!

After dinner, we all went to Marissa's to meet up with the guys and enjoy Gabe's Bro-jitos.
His raspberry mojitos are definitely a summer highlight and favorite of most of ours!

A snapshot of some of the group hangout out:
Bryan, Kate, Leigh Anne, Jenny, Shelby, and Jamie

Gabe and a few of his favorite ladies :)

My lovely chicas!

Then we headed out to Frontier Room for fun and dancing.

My other half that everyone asks is my twin!

KENNY, where are you!

And my birthday night has come to an end ....

YAY for such a fun birthday with all my friends!
If only Abby Dae, Arrie, and the twins could have been there to celebrate :)


Arrie said...

I love that outfit!! You looked beautiful on your birthday. Wish I was there too!

Abby Kreck said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Gosh I wish we lived in the same city for more than a week!! Love you

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