Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bargain of the day!

I have never been an online shopper because I like to try everything on and normally are pretty particular about things fitting just right. My sister in law changed my world last summer after teaching me about buying Victoria Secret's swimsuits online. I have been hooked every since, but I haven't been sold on buying other items online ... just Victoria Secret's swimsuits. After getting compliments on my suits, I always encourage people to try VS because half the time they are on crazy sale, normally have an offer for free shipping, and also have an unbelievable return policy to not be charged additional fees to return unwanted items. I don't think I will ever buy a swimsuit from anywhere else.

I got this cute suit today ... read further to find out about my amazing bargain!

This swimsuit normally sells for $15 a piece, and they each piece was on sale for $9.99. Then they had a special at the beginning of the week for an additional 40% off clearance swimsuits. My goal was to get free shipping too, and the trick to free shipping is to talk to a representative on the phone (unless you are spending a good amount, then there is normally a code for free shipping if you spend $50, etc). The associate who worked with "new orders" told me I would have to call back and talk to customer service representative tomorrow if I wanted free shipping since they couldn't honor that in their department, and she promised me that they would still honor the 40% off the sale price. Long story short, I called back and they said the 40% off offer ended, and after some good sweet talking I convinced her that I was suppose to get the additional discount off of both pieces (she wasn't going to honor it, then said she was only going to give me the 40% off one item) AND free shipping. So after the sale price, 40% off discount, a $10 birthday gift certificate, and free shipping ....

I ended up getting this suit for .....
$2.40 !!!
You read correctly - you can't even get a gallon of milk for that price.

Persistence pays off!! Or my annoyance, whichever way you want to look at it :)


Chanes said...

well done!

Arrie said...

Glad I could start you on your way to successful online shopping! Your suit is adorable!

Jen said...

Thanks for the comments - You have a new follower now :)

Cute suit, GREAT deal!

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