Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Seattle Record

Carol, over at Everyday Delights, posted this 5-day forecast and it sums up how I feel right now: HOT. Today's high is going to be 101, which is a Seattle record. Pretty sure I would just prefer laying out by the pool, better yet IN the pool, and not out and about in this heat with a McDonalds sweet tea in hand.

This is my absolute favorite craving right now and have at least a few a week,
with multiple refills. It is the best $1 well spent :)

Last week, I stopped by a McDonalds to enter my calls in my computer and enjoy a sweet tea. After about 30-45 minutes, I had gotten a refill, and before leaving I just needed to top it off a little bit (okay way more than top it off it was pretty much gone). The employee goes, "Man good thing I don't like tea because I would be diabetic if I drank as much as you did."

Really? Pretty sure he shouldn't tell customers they are going to become diabetic after consuming so much sugar!!!!!!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

oh my gosh that is insane! Our highs in Nashville have been around 78-82 degrees with rain CONSTANTLY so I feel like we are living in Seattle, and you are living our typical Nashville summer. Hallelujah for McDonald's $1 sweet tea :)

Robin said...

Wow Kelsey, that is unbelievable. It has rained here for the last 2 two days and has been overcast and cool. I am so sorry you don't have air conditioning at a time like this! Are the dogs miserable?

Tracy-Girl said...

Now that is my kind of snack! Wow, super hot weather in Seattle. So rare!

Carol said...

Thanks for the shoutout! :) Mmmmm LOVE sweet tea, I'll have to try out the $1 cup! Stay cool out there!

Leah said...

I just now saw your post on my blog, sorry about that!! Tahoe is so beautiful and was a nice escape from the heat here in Houston!! Saw you are in Seattle- I've always wanted to visit there but never gotten the chance!! Is it really rainy like it's portrayed?
That's funny you are wearing the same dresses as my brother and sister in law's bridesmaids wore. Also- saw in a post you had about doing Crossfit? There are some around here but didn't know much about them. I go the gym and do classes and am a runner but Crossfit looks interesting. What do you usually do in a class there??

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