Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 NW Regionals

CrossFit has always been part a huge part of me for the last three years, but this year has been extra exciting for the last 3 months as I made a commitment to myself to participate in the 2012 Crossfit OPEN back at the end of February (here).  Based on the workouts during those 5 weeks of the OPEN, my box NWCF Bellevue and myself earned a spot to compete (here) at the 2012 Crossfit Northwest Regionals this past weekend in Puyallup, WA.

Here is a sneak peak into my Memorial Day weekend!!!

The Northwest Crossfit Bellevue Team

This was a first for me to compete at this level as I have always played sports and been athletic, but wasn't involved in intense pressure environments like this.  If only I was a collegiate basketball player (ha) and could have been maybe more chill.  Luckily, I am a stress ball prior to the WOD clock starting and can get it the zone or blackout, whatever you want to call it :)

Stay tuned for a more thorough update ... I spent today resting my body after 3 days competing and eating the best cheat meal ever at Lunchbox Laboratory (cheeseburger, tator tots, and topped it off with a shake)!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Skating awesomeness

Celebrated one of Gabe's best friends birthdays at a good ole' fashion skating rink.  I think it has been 10-12 years since I last put on a pair of roller skates, and took me a few laps to get the hang of it again.  Asking me to slow down and stop was an entirely different story, never mastered that.

Most of the gang from our private party - we had the whole place

My bright colored gorgeous friends

And the proof of the night!!!  Our friend Sean makes the greatest videos from all our events, and I think he is missing his calling in life as a photographer and videographer (is that a word?).  

Gabe even made me chill a bit and get off the floor since I was dancing to a stupid song, fell  ... and my watch jammed into my wrist.  I need to be 110% for Northwest Crossfit Regionals THIS Friday, so I took his advice as it wasn't worth injuring myself.

When was the last time you went roller skating?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mindful Shopping

I have been SO good about not shopping because in all actuality I haven't needed/wanted anything.  One of my favorite things to do shop for little gems and pass time over the lunch hour when my customers are closed.  It's often soothing to spend spare time twiddling my thumbs instead of retail therapy and just buy, buy, buy.

With Seattle's first real stretch of blue skies and warmer temps, I got the itch for new clothes spring related .... fun blouses, pop of color, swimsuits, etc just a a new umph to my wardrobe.  I'm ready to put all my sweaters away!!!!

That being said, I was on a mission for multiple things that I knew I wanted.  And of course, I couldn't find one darn thing, which was seriously depressing.  All my staple stops let me down, but I kept patting myself on the back because I didn't love anything and refused to buy if I had to convince myself it was flattering or cute.  My bank account sure did thank me :)  Better luck when I'm not on a specific hunt, I guess.

Do you ever feel you can't find something 
when you are looking for it?!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ruffle Pillow Winner

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fierce gals

Laurie, Breanne, me, and Haley

A few of my besties at Crossfit, just hanging around our box!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Since living in Seattle for almost 6 years (wild that it's already been that long!), Gabe and I have truly been blessed with loving friends, and one being an extra special group of couples we met at Eastlake Church.  Just after joining Eastlake, we signed up for a "Growth Group" aka small group for married couples and feel God handpicked three couples just for us.  I view these gals as my sisters and had the pleasure of celebrating two of them for their 30th birthday shenanigans in Vegas.  It is really rare to find 3 gals and 3 guy that click 100%, and they are them!!!

I've been to Vegas multiple times, but never with a big group!!
The troops just after arriving in Vegas

Gabe was meeting us all in Vegas after his work trip in Phoenix, and let's just say I needed a few tasty beverages to get me through him missing his flight, and the next 5 flights on standby.  So, we bought him a one way cause he couldn't miss out on the festivities!!!

The birthday girls!!!
The first night was spent with a girls outing vs the boys doing their thang'

Dinner and cocktails at a darling spot in the Bellagio hotel on a patio 

 Ended up with VIP @ Tao

Next day, walking the strip with a mission for brunch ...

And hubs is happy with Margaritaville - hit the spot

Gabe's a HUGE Jimmy Buffet fan along with Jessie's husband Matt, so they were all over the havanas n' bananas.  It was a first for me, glad to be part of the cool club now.

We were THRILLED with sun and hotter weather than Seattle, 
so we made our way to Planet Hollywoods pool.

An afternoon pick-me-up @ Pink's Hot Dogs

Group festivities begin @ Yolos - I think there were 20 of us :)

Cool Table #1

Cooler Table #2 

Drinks ... Can't remember where we went, ha!

 Who loves a sparkly wall, ME!

After hours of karaoke, trucking home for early flight home.

Until next time Vegas ....

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