Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Night at the Smith's

Tonight, I accomplished a mild stepping stone in my life. I made a batch of rice krispie treats for the first time EVER! I was craving these earlier this week and had them on my mind, and then reading a blog earlier this evening about rice krispie treats just put me over the edge. I contemplated for a bit did I really want them or need them, and then after encouragement drove to the store to get the fixings (which were two items -- most uncomplicated ingredients ever). I have always heard how simple these are to make, so I just decided to "cook" away. Little did I know that they don't actually go in the oven ... :)

I was in heaven after Gabe and I put a pretty hefty dent in half the batch. I am so sad I have been missing out on this my entire life. They're a somewhat healthy treat and super cheap to make, so I wonder why Momma didn't make these growing up??

After a ride along with my manager today, rice krispie treats were a wonderful end to the evening while watching So You Think You Can Dance with Gabe. He is officially lured into the show and even made a comment that this show is now more entertaining than Idol because of the variety from week to week. I totally agree!!

Now, if only I can figure out how to make rice krispie treats with a layer of chocolate on the bottom like fancy bakery's .....


Arrie said...

Yum! I always slide mine in the oven for just a bit! It makes them warm and gooey!

Jamie said...

Your first time? Or, you could add a layer of chocolate on top and called it a "Scotcharoo." Make rice krispie treats first. Then melt chocolate chips (6 oz), butterscotch chips (6 oz) and peanut butter (a big spoonful of creamy pb) in the microwave until smooth. Then pour on top of the rice krispies and spread evenly. Let harden in refrigerator and then once harden, take out, cut and serve. ;) Good luck! Or, just google recipes to find something tasty.

Carol said...

I am sending you a facebook message (since its too long to post on here) for an AMAZING rice krispie recipe with chocolate and peanut butter! Its amazing!!!

Robin said...

Ok, I am warning you right think Gabe enjoyed PLAIN rice krispy treats? Wait till you add pb and/or chocolate! You will be lucky to get a single treat. You may just have to hide them from him.

Coincidently, the day before Gabe was due I went to the doctor. He told me I was still a couple of weeks away from delivering. I was so depressed to hear that it was still so far off that I went home and made rice krispy treats. I ate almost the whole pan myself. Then a miraculous thing happened....I went into labor. Gabe was born at 2:00 am the day he was born. I am convinced he came out so he could see what other heavenly desserts were waiting in the big world for him.

He has been trying them all ever since.
True story!

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