Sunday, July 5, 2009

Smith Photo's

I just wanted to upload a quick collage of the first set of proofs we got back from our Smith Family session earlier today! A fellow photographer from the church came over this afternoon and took these pictures in Gabe's parents backyard.

I will write more later once I get home, but overall we have had a very eventful weekend with all of Gabe's extended family. It was a spur of the moment family reunion, and we are so thankful we were able to make it in town for all 19 of us to be part of the festivities.

Tomorrow is our last day in Knoxville, and then we will fly home late tomorrow night. Thanks Momma for the Southwest tickets .... it is absolutely wonderful having flight benefits and being able to travel across the country and make it to special times like these :)


Arrie said...

FUN! Cute pics!

Robin said...

I spent a bundle on these because all 51 of them are so great it was hard to narrow down.

We had a great time with you! It meant so much that you were here.

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