Thursday, July 23, 2009


Softball, one of the many leagues Gabe belongs to....

Not a huge fan of the sport, but this game was much more entertaining with him playing 2nd base instead of wayyyyy out in the outfield (no fences). The Woodpeckers have been together for 25 years, and the players on his team range anywhere from 25 to 55. The same coach has been coaching this league since the very beginning, so just imagine how seriously he takes it!

The dogs were a nervous wreck at the park whining for their Dad!

Oh ya, between people watching and walking around Greenlake,
I did catch Gabe diving for a ground ball!

This little girl somehow stepped in gum on our walk,
and it is completely stuck between her paws and driving her NUTS!
Any tricks to get it out??? I cut as much out as I could.


Carol said...

That's awesome! I always see people playing softball when I'm at the lake, I'll look for you next time. p.s. just saw Kings of Leon are on the Today Show next Friday!

Tracy-Girl said...

Your dogs are absolutely adorable!!

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