Monday, August 3, 2009


What an amazing SEAFAIR weekend in Seattle!

Beautiful weather + fun with friends = Makes us want to buy a boat
But the last quote I remember from Gabe's partner w
ho owned a boat ... "The best day if the day you purchase the boat, and the second best day is the day you sell the boat!"

Here are a few pictures with Gabe's annual work party on Mercer Island from Friday. The Blue Angels fly directly overhead and is the second best place to view the show (first is being on the water).

Gabe and his good friends: Andrew and Charlie

Charlie and Melissa have a precious baby, Abby, who is almost five months old.
They can check out their blog here, and she posts the most amazing recipes that you must try if you love cooking. Andrew is going to be a daddy any day now, and we are anxious to meet Baby Stark.

With the Malley girls

The hubby and me

Here are my favorite pictures from the two days. I tried to catch a few as the flew right overhead, but they were wayyyy to fast. Paw Paw, these are for you especially!


It was perfect day poolside for most of the day, reading Firefly Lane, and of course swimming with the hubby.


Marissa, Mollie, Krista, and me waiting for the boat to pick us up

This picture doesn't even capture the amount of boats on the water. It is just an experience in itself with the Blue Angels, hydo races, people boat hopping, throwing water balloons, shooting supersoakers, and more!

I need a nap ...... just to start off this week.

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Carol said...

Looks like you guys had a great Seafair! I am exhausted from the weekend too!

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