Monday, July 27, 2009

AC is underrated

It's really sad when the car is the coolest place during the day. I have reached the point of heat exhaustion and will do anything to get some air conditioning~! It is 93 degrees .... and I am DYING!

Our fan in our bedroom makes this awful annoying squeaking noise when it's on high, and medium is just not doing the trick anymore. We even tried tilting our SleepMate on it's side to drown out the noise even more, but of course it didn't really help. Maybe Gabe will take me up on my offer of making a palate in the office, which is on the bottom level of our three story townhouse.

If you haven't tried this SleepMate out before, it is phenomenal. It makes a constant "white noise" to mask unwanted sounds unlike all our sound machines I have tried. The worst is when they have a beat to them like rain or waves because I count 1,2,3,4, .... 1,2,3,4 and it drives me insane to where I can't go to sleep. We pack this one on each and every trip!


Jamie said...

I have Ava hooked on a sound machine. Best thing I ever did for her and her sleep. Maybe it's time you invested in an air conditioning unit for the window ... we are enjoying our AC ... it's a comfortable 71 degrees in our house. ;)

Robin said...

So sorry it is hot. Good thing you have all those years of practice in Texas.

Carol said...

Oh I totally want to try one of those! You need to find a physician here at the SCCA and then you can come enjoy the AC with me! I've never been so happy to come to work before!

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