Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 year anniversary

During my 'day job' as a “pharmaceutical representative,” I make about 40-50 office visits a week with varied doctors and medical staff. From Monday through Friday, I quote medical terms as though I had attended medical school, although becoming a doctor was never a desire of mine. Today, July 23rd 2009, I just celebrated my third year anniversary with Pfizer and I will say that those 1095 days have sped by way too rapidly. Maybe the swift passage of time is because I thoroughly enjoy my job, especially the variety of personalities I encounter daily, but I really look forward to providing solutions in the healthcare industy. Additionally, I am surrounded by wonderful Pfizer colleagues who make the experience even better.

I think I would find it near impossible to sit in a cubicle for 40-50 hours a week, and that is why I didn't follow through with an accounting degree as initially planned. The downside to my Pfizer job is the lack of security in this industry. There have been layoffs annually since I started in this field, and I continuously pray to never get that call. If there comes a day where I am no long employed with Pfizer, I want it to be my call, not Pfizer’s, as I always want to be in charge of my life, my future.

My Paw Paw always told me “time flies when you are having fun”. It seems that I can blink my eyes on Tuesday and look up and it is Friday already!!

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Tracy-Girl said...

Wow... 3 years is quite a while to be with a company. Its a milestone!

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