Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

First off, this is my 102nd post! So funny to think back to me kicking along the way to start a blog because I didn't think I had enough worthwhile to post about, but look how far I have come. Blogging is now part of my evening activities to relax and share about things I love, what's keeping me currently busy, as well as updates with my lovely family in Seattle. Most importantly, it has been the best way to keep my friends and family back home in the know. I have really enjoyed getting back in touch with old friends through the "blogging world" since life has changed so much since high school and college. I love the fact that I will be randomly talking to someone, and they will say, "oh I read that in your blog!" So, if you read my blog comment or "follow" so I know who you are :)

Now, to the most important post of the evening.

Today, is my sweet hubby and my THIRD anniversary!!! I can't believe time has passed as quickly as it has, but I just want to say how thankful I am for God placing him directly in my life at the perfect time. He is an absolute blessing to my entire family, and I love him dearly! I don't want to bore you telling you how great I think he is, but if you know either one of us well .... you know we're pretty lucky to have each other!

Here are some pictures from our wedding to play remember when!

Love you sug! Cheers to the many, many, many more to come!


Mollie said...

Happy Anniversary Kels and Gabe! You two are one in a million!!!

Carmen and Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ashley said...

Happy the time really has flown by.

As far as your blog posts, I know the feeling of everyone saying they read it, yet they arent following so you dont know. I think I get a new person everyday on fb saying they love my blog, but I had no idea they read it.....

the tichenor family said...

THREE YEARS! Wow, I can't believe that! I definitely think the Smith Family needs to have a little one by their 4th anniversary!

You were such a beautiful bride. Happy 3rd Anniversary... and many more!

czstout said...

congrats Kels!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh you look so pretty! You both look great. Hope you had a great anniversary!

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