Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2 in Spokane!

Our morning started off at the best breakfast place ever, Rusty Moose! I am not a big breakfast person, but they had the most wonderful bread. Yes, it was just plain wheat bread, but it made this stop well worth it. It had a cool cabin feel that I envisioned Spokane being like. We didn't have time to see all of Spokane, but it definitely had it's cool parts and others were a little questionable!

This huge moose burned the fire out of Marissa's inner thighs
because she didn't know it was going to be hot and just plopped on down!

The owner took this one and thought we were a hoot!

Well, the point on the trip was to watch my hubby play basketball, and it was so entertaining to watch him in his element. He is such a talented player, and he absolutely loves the game. I think the three of us girls were good cheerleaders for all the games that started after 10am (since we slept in and met him downtown later)!

Here was the game winning shot from the first of four games on the last day.

Just a fun pic I liked from the championship game.

Overall, Gabe's team lost by ONE point in the final championship game. They were devastated, BUT so glad to be done playing ball since they were completely exhausted. Two days of basketball without a sub wore my hubby out, heck, I was tired after two days of being in the sun and I didn't even play! Mollie's boyfriend played in a bracket as well, and Gabe filled in as their sub for a couple games so we got to watch them play too. Their courts were on completely opposite sides, so we got a little workout going back and forth!

Crossing the Spokane River that runs through downtown

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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