Sunday, May 31, 2009

Katie's Wedding Shower

Molls and I carpooled out to Gig Harbor to celebrate one of our very good friends, Katie, getting married. Gig Harbor is about an hour and a half away, and is a bay on the Puget Sound. We had such a nice time hanging out on the patio and enjoying the amazing view, plus the wedding shower was a great way to meet all of her extended family before Tahoe.

Katie and Bryan's wedding is just around the corner in September ....
and will be here before we know it! Yay!

Lindsey, Mollie, Leigh Ann, Katie, and me

The Bride opening gifts
(please ignore her knee burns from Crossfit - haha I have them too!)

Yummy cupcakes and a cute little holder Leigh Ann gave Katie

All the Pfizer girls

With Linds, the deadly Crossfit Trainer


Arrie said...

Cute green dress!! :)

Kelsey Smith said...

Thanks sister! Purchasing three green things in one week is new to me!

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