Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy Dog Ladies and Pike's Market

So apparently, we are the crazy dog ladies, and it isn't common for 7 friends to get together with their 9 dogs ..... because throughout the day we had a lot of stares/laughs/smiles and one guy even took a picture of us with his phone.  hah!  We met at Greenlake to walk 3 miles around the lake and show Abby one of the prettiest places in Seattle.  It is such a neat place where people walk, run, bike, and even roller skate around the lake, and the environment is so encouraging because people are enjoying outdoorsy things with their kiddos and dogs.

Meeting all the girls and their pups at Starbucks - From left to right:  Marissa & Tilly (Yorkie), Becca & Lulu (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Abby took care of sweet Willis (Lhasa Apso mix), me & Harley (Yorkie), Emi & Buster (Puggle), Carmen & Em's other dog Mia (Puggle puppy), and Mollie & Sammy (Daschund). 

The 3 miles took a little longer than we expected because each dog had to "do it's business" multiple times :)

Loving the sunny weather with my first friend!

All of the girls and our children!

After our walk, Abby and I went downtown to the Pier to see all of the Seattle sites.  The weather could not have been more perfect, and you might think from what I am wearing that it was summer .... and from what Abby is wearing that it is winter.  It was definitely a warm day and the sun was out, so I was trying to work on my tan.

These flower bouquets were $10 or $15 and absolutely gorgeous!  

Here we are at the famous fish market where they throw the fish back and forth and yell random things to each other.  It is always a fun sight!

The Seattle Pig -- maybe this is where the swine flu started!  jk

Abby LOVED all the fish and wanted to mail some home to Blake and Colt!

Lastly, Abby suggested eating Subway for lunch, and I refused to take her to a chain restaurant when she is only in Seattle for a couple days.  So, we ate a late lunch right outside the market at a Gyros stand.  We were indecisive about ordering the lamb one or chicken, but the guy encouraged us to get the lamb since it's so lean and slow cooked so it would be really tender.  They were delicious pitas filled with meat, lettuce, tomato, onions, and a yummy cucumber sauce.  So, the moral of the story is .... leave it to me (who is one of the pickiest eater ever) to teach Abby about new foods when she visits.  Anyone else want to come visit so I can help you venture out?!?!

Gabe, Abby, and I are off to Azul for dinner to eat at my favorite restaurant!  Will update more later.


Ashley said...

I wanna come to Seattle!! I have always wanted to go there to see it. Maybe Jared and I will make it up there within the next year (since we are so close) and have to meet up with you ;)

SABALE said...

que baranda a bacalao eh

Robin said...

in the pictures with the dogs, Willis looks so manly! Especially the one where you are all sitting their with your dogs and he is in the middle. He is enjoying the moment!

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