Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dinner and Dessert!

Here we are before heading to dinner at Azul, which is an hip upscale Mexican place that I wouldn't label as Mexican. I was so excited to take Abby here since it is our home away from home. I truly wished I owned this restaurant because they have the most amazing menu items, and it's as if you can't go wrong with anything except their grilled chicken sandwich. If you know me, grilled chicken is a pretty safe choice to order at most places. My thoughts are ... when in doubt, order chicken! At Azul, I rotate between ordering the salmon chop chop salad, coconut prawns with green beans, chicken fajitas, and every now and then order the nachos with the works. Gabe gets the Carne Asada skirt steak with green beans and has for the last three years. It's amazing how he has never gotten sick of it!!! 

Once we got home, we decided to get in our pajamas, make cookies, and enjoy them with a cold glass of milk. This reminds me of our sleepovers we had ALMOST 20 years ago! Wow, how fast time flies.

We are off watch Desperate Housewives and enjoy our last evening together. We are headed to the gym in the morning to work off our cookies, and then take Abbdae to the airport. Maybe, I will find a way to kidnap her so she can stay all week. As I recall, Abby did ask me earlier today if she could move in with me. She said she would offer her house cleaning services for living rent free. Hey, I accept any way to spend more time with my sweet friend that I have missed so much!!
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Arrie said...

Great hair in the second picture sister!!

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