Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Let me start out by saying I am SO sad this show is over.  I cannot wait for the next season to start because this is hands down my favorite reality show ever.  It is so life changing, and I would challenge anyone to genuinely watch one full episode and if you don't get hooked on it .... then you need to soften your heart.  Haha!  These people have struggled with weight most likely their entire life, and I cannot imagine all the challenges they face with their addiction to food, life of being obese, people staring, etc.

Although Helen was a little cocky before the weigh in occurred, I believe she did deserve to win.  Gabe and I thought halfway through the season that she was almost out of weight to lose, but boy were we wrong.  She came out super skinny, and ripped!

Tara has always been my favorite throughout the entire show because she is so incredibly determined.  She mentally was strong throughout the show, and I believe her life will never be the same.  The fact that she never ended up below the yellow line proves she is a fighter and more than anything wanted to change her life.  She won 12 challenges, which is unheard of!!  I was sad she didn't win!

And the SHOCKER of the entire show was Jerry, at 64 years old, losing almost 55% of his body weight after being kicked off the show the second week.  Unbelievable!!!  He always encouraged the other contestants, and my favorite thing was how he treated his wife and the relationship they had.  He was such a sweet man.

Well, my Tuesday nights will not be the same without this show.  Sad day!


Ashley said...

Im sad too...with that and American Idol about to be over, I dont know what I am going to do =( I truly wanted Tara to win. I thought that Tara and Mike were the only two that deserved it out of the last people. I think that Helen got too into herself at the end (especially last night when she looked everyone up and down and said she knew she'd win, ewww)!!

Kelsey Smith said...

I couldn't believe when she looked them up and down either!! A little snotty!

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