Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend so far

Our Memorial Day Weekend started out with a Friday night BBQ at our friends house, Charlie and Melissa's.  We were able to meet the newest addition to their family, baby Abby, who is a spitting image of her sweet parents.  She was the most behaved 12 week old baby and was so content with food, attention, and of course lots of kisses from her Daddy!  What a blessing she is :)

This morning began with going to Crossfit, which is a posting in itself.  I haven't posted yet about my new and intense workouts .... but let me tell you what today's workout was!  

-Run one mile
-100 pullups (the goal is to eventually do them on my own, but there are bands available for assistance)
-200 pushups
-300 airsquats (deep squats)
-Run another mile

The goal is to complete the workout as fast as you can with good form.  50 minutes later ..... I was still alive and finially finished!  Thank goodness Katie was there to encourage me to do the entire workout instead of the easier modified version.

Then, after having an exhausting workout, I stopped by McDonalds to grab a $1 sweet tea (try it if you haven't already!!) and head to Gabe's softball tournament.  He played FIVE games yesterday, so I went to support him for a portion of the time with Harley to keep me company.

While sitting at the softball game, I got a text from Tessa who reminded me it was $1 flip flop day at Old Navy.  She said they were running out of sandals and the line was out the door, so it was a great excuse to leave the game and stop by on my way home.  I normally don't wear these sandals, but for $1, why not!  I cannot believe I waited in the line that was wrapped around the ENTIRE store, but yes I did and glad to get a few new pairs of sandals for Gabe and me.

Now, we are home and going to have a movie night at the house.  Off to watch Valkyrie.   Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day and thank goodness for our wonderful country!!


Ashley said...

That Crossfit workout is brutal...Ive doen it before, ugh!

Jared and I actually went to Old Navy yesterday for the Flip Flops and they were all sold out by the time we got there =(

Carol said...

Crossfit sounds intense! There is a center right behind my place in Greenlake, is that where you go?

Kelsey Smith said...

I switch between the Greenlake location off 70th and the one in Bellevue. You should come try is sometime, especially since you're so close!!

Carol said...

That is literally right behind my place. Too funny! It sounds like a brutal workout, but I may have to consider giving it a try!

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