Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunbathing in the Car

Little Harley is the best little companion, and this is how she likes to ride with me in the car ....
on my purse where she can get a better angle to sunbathe!

After a month of debating what her deal is, I have come to the conclusion that she has a bladder infection. She will literally go #1 every fifteen to thirty minutes if you take her outside, which is NOT normal for her. So, I decided to wait no longer and call the vet to see what they suggest. The nice lady said I could try and "catch" a urine sample from her or bring her in for an appointment where they will get one. Not quite sure how I would be able to catch a sample, so I chose the second option and set an appointment for the little bug.

Ladies, we all know how horrible UTI's are, so I hope they give her some good antibiotics to fix the problem!


Jenny DB said...

Oh I am so familiar with the sampling. #2 is easier to get, except Bondi's that wasn't so fun cuz it might as well have been #1.. but at least you don't have to catch it on the way out. #1 was a little trickier you just gotta get a cup and be ok with the possibility of getting dog pee on your hands (thats what soaps for, right?) i took this route because they seriously charge $30 at my vet to collect the sample. so not cool! I hope your vet is more reasonable, and that your pup is feeling better soon. (Bondi loves to sunbathe too, i love it!!)

Jamie said...

:) I love that you have a blog as well. I'm new to the whole "blog world" and just figuring out how to get good backgrounds, etc. Your little baby is adorable! I hope her UTI problems get better

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