Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alabama visitors!

We were so thrilled that Gabe's cousin, Nathan, and his girlfriend Meredith, and friends made it to Seattle. The three girls came to complete a project for their Physical Therapy class and were able to spend the rest of the week doing touristy things. They did everything from Bainbridge Island, Snoqualmie Falls, Pike's Market, and had Whale Watching on the San Juan Islands scheduled for today. I was so impressed with their schedule to do all the Seattle favorites in such a short amount of time!

We met them for dinner at Salty's, which is in West Seattle on Alki beach. They serve great seafood, but more importantly, it has one of the most phenomenal views to see the entire Seattle skyline from the opposite side of the bay. It was so nice to sit on the patio and here about their trip thus far as well as catch up on life in Alabama. I forget how strong southern accents are .... but boy did they remind me! I just loved listening to them talk, and I even had to have Meredith repeat a few things since I couldn't understand what she was saying :)

Enjoying the sunny weather with Meredith and Nathan

Then, we headed to a comedy show and a well known dueling piano club called 88 Keys.

They had heard all about Pioneer Square, so we walked around downtown so they could check that off their list, too. It is right by Quest and SafeCo Field, and one of the couples stopped in and watched a high school baseball game.

All of the group: Patrick, Courtney, Rita, Michael, Gabe, Me, Meredith, and Nathan

It was so great seeing Nathan and meeting Meredith .... hope to see ya'll this summer for the family get together!

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