Saturday, May 16, 2009

Horrible, No Good, Night

Our dear friends Carmen and Jamie are moving to Singapore at the end of the month, and we had a little going away party for them last night.  They were one of the first couples we got to know when we moved to Seattle .... thanks for Mollie introducing us.  We wish them the best on the otherside of the world, and I know they will thrive on their adventure.

You will be missed!!
All the girls with Carms

My other half!

Such a fun group of great friends

The night wouldn't have been as eventful without my partner in crime!!

We parked downtown a couple blocks away, but did not realize they were beginning to block off the street/towing cars for a parade the following day.  It wasn't clearly designated or signed properly, so we had no clue.  Later that evening, I overheard other people talking about cars getting towed off 1st Ave, and Marissa confirmed my suspicion.  I expressed a concern to Gabe that we were parked on 1st and need to go check on our car or move it, and he said "if they were going to tow it then it would already be gone by now."  It doesn't really sit well with me, and I kind of panic because I have unfortunately been towed too many times.  I drop it and decided to enjoy the night!

So, we leave the bar and walk outside to 1st Ave wiped clean of cars and see a tow truck in the midst of towing a vehicle.  I am for sure panicy at this point, and Gabe who is calm as can be asks the driver if all the cars were towed south of here.  The guy said yes.  AHHH!  So, Gabe asked if we could catch a ride with him since he was headed back to the lot to drop off this car he was about to tow.  We ride 25 min with him, get to the lot, and our car isn't there.  Let me remind you, he told us red SUV was towed earlier that night and required a dolly to do the job.  We wait for the guy to take the car off the hitch to ask him further about our car, and then he proceeds to tell us our car is in route.  GREAT!  We wait inside a couple minutes and started talking to the guy who we would normally pay .... And he said he can't tell what is in route.  THEN, we decide to have Mollie leave the bar to walk 3 blocks to see if my car is still on 1st.  Bless her heart, she did not understand me and walked three blocks north of the bar instead of three blocks south!  Haha.  So, Gabe asks the tow guy for a ride BACK to 1st Ave since he was headed to tow more cars.  We separate and I stay at the tow yard in a desolate part of town in case the car comes.  

All this, and we only have one phone since I left my cell at the house.  45 minutes later ..... Gabe ends up getting to the car at the same time as Mollie, and it is happily parked on 1st Ave!  I have never been so thankful for an AWD (all wheel drive) vehicle since it is more difficult to tow, and they saved it for last since it requires a dolly  :)   And after ALLLL that ..... it was never towed and instead we were only ticketed!!!


Ashley said...

Oooh that sucks that you guys had to go through all that. I have seen my car being towed away and they wouldn't take it off until I paid $375 cash right there (which he probably just pocketed that cash). Its never fun to get your car towed. Good thing you guys lucked out.

Robin said...

Ok, It is a real Gabe thing to not panic! It is also a Gabe thing to think on his feet and talk his way into someone else helping him out. All of this sounds VERY Gabe-like.

Just think of the great story you will be able to tell your kids about the time their daddy didn't listen to mommy!

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