Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday

What a huge year this is for my Grandmother celebrating the milestone of her 80thbirthday!  She is so sharp, pretty much reads a book a day, and loves to play cards and more cards.  I pray that we have 21 more great years with her like my Great-Grandmother.

Grandmother and her three kids:  Uncle David, Aunt Tanis, and Daddeo 
(Dad shares the same birthday as Grandmother, so this was a little celebration for him too!)

Momma and Aunt LaJan
(Lajan made seven homemade cakes that were an absolute hit!)

What a turnout - almost 150 people!

Grandmother, you have such a large outlook on life, you are a wonderful role model, and most importantly you are a Christian example for us all.  I am so sad Gabe and I weren't able to make it to your big party, but this post shows how much everyone loves you!

My fondest memory growing up is driving into Enid and stopping at the Station with Jordan to pick out a candy bar!  That always seemed like such a generous treat.  Also, what visit with Grandmother doesn’t end without consuming lots and lots of Chocolate Éclair?!  There are so many memories that I will never forget, but I will cherish the games we played till all hours of the night and the amount of time you spent to teach us your favorite card games.

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