Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Early Mother's Day

Last week, I invited Momma to come to Seattle and spend Mother's Day weekend with us.  She decided last minute to take me up on it and actually use her vacation time to get away and come get her haircut from my lady while she was here.  It was definitely a quick visit and wish she was able to stay longer, but she went home to spend tomorrow afternoon at my brother's house that they just closed on in Flower Mound (not Flour Mound ... right Arrie!).  

We are so glad she was able to come for a couple days, and I have to admit that my life is so much more organized after her visit.  I feel bad because we did a TON of Spring cleaning a vast majority of the time, but that is what she loves to do ..... so I won't complain!  Gabe says next visit you are here, we aren't allowed to clean or reorganize anything.  Also, thanks for being patient and riding with me throughout my workday.  It was fun to have someone along for the ride to keep me company, and it was such a pleasant time together!  Thanks for all you do.

By the way, after looking at this picture with our similar haircuts, I have come to the conclusion that we really don't share too many characteristics and look that much alike.  How can that be!!

Happy Mother's Day Momma and to all the other Momma's out there!  I pray one day that I will be an amazing influence on my own little ones one day :)

1 comment:

Arrie said...

Gari's hair looks great!! And you look very tan and beautiful sissy! Love you and hope you come to FLOWER mound soon! :)

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