Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Book Club

This last month we read Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin, which was a perfect book to read this weeked by the pool.  It was a lighthearted girly book, which was a good change since we just read a more intense book, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.  I definitely don't feel that much smarter after reading it, but it was a good book we could relate to! 

Everyone came over to my house for homemade lasagna and chocolate eclair!  A few things came up and all the girls couldn't make it, but I am glad we still had a good turnout.  Harley and Willis (our dogs) were in heaven with all the attention from the girls ..... and I am so excited to recruit more friends to add to the list who will dog sit while we are out of town.    Ya'll are the best!

Such a fun evening girls and and thanks for making it out.  Now, we need a new book.  Any suggestions?!


Ashley said...

Anything good in that book that I need to know about before I get married in less than three months? ;)

Kelsey Smith said...

LOL - If Jared is cheating on you with your best friend a couple months before the wedding ... I would say start reading it tonight! Pretty sure that isn't the case with your sweet fiance, so you could probably pass unless of course you like a little mindless fun reading between all of our favorite reality shows!

By the way, I am sooo glad you have a blog and we can keep in touch on here!

Ashley said...

OMG, haha. I totally didnt expect the book to be about that, haha. Well good to know. Wont be needing to pick that book up to read it then ;) Thanks for the heads up....xoxo

Jenny DB said...

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen is great:) you will feel a little smarter and its an easy read, totally captivating!

Kelsey Smith said...

I am adding that to the list! Thanks DB

krislyn. said...

this is one of my favorite summer reads! have you read the other two?! if you haven't you totally should!

as I was looking at the picture, I realized I went to high school with two of the girls!! Ali, was a year old than me ... And if I am right Amy is next to her, and she was the same age as my brother! Such fun girls!

Such a small world!!

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