Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

The rest of our Memorial Day weekend was filled with a fun day out on the boat and most importantly enjoying the gorgeous Seattle weather!  Shelby was so generous to invite us to the House of Peace for a BBQ, afternoon of games, and of course boating adventures.

Who would have thought that 7o degrees would be hot to me, a born Texan?! 

The official boat driver:  Shelby Marie

I absolutely love a relaxing day with Gabe .... without work or SportsCenter :)

My favorite ladies:  Alison, Carly, and Jenny DB
(Jay you were there in spirit)

Bald Eagle just yards away

Thank goodness for a short work week!!  Gabe's cousin is in town from TN, so we are excited to get to see him and meet his girlfriend!
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Jenny DB said...

Awesome pics. Great spot on that Bald Eagle too:) xoxox

Carol said...

Summers in Seattle are the best!! Looks like a great long weekend!

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