Friday, June 19, 2009

Sinful Treat

Melissa told me about this fabulous cupcake boutique in Seattle where she indulged a S'more cupcake that was out of this world delicious, so I thought I should stop in and check it out. This is another reason why I am loving having the heart of Seattle as my new territory because I can find fantastic finds like this!!!

Isn't this the cutest concept! I just had to take a picture (shocking, right?!)

I got a lovely variety and they seemed too beautifully made to enjoy ....
but we chowed in anyways.
Red velvet (Gabe loves), snickerdoodle (Gabe also loves), triple chocolate (yes, Gabe loves this one too),
and who knows what else!

**They had a humingbird flavor, but I was too nervous to try it.
Supposedly it was like banana nut bread with something else.

The girls and I went to Crossfit this evening, and the second we recovered from a killer workout .... I pulled out a surprise for each of them out of my trunk. I am pretty sure Northwest Crossfit wouldn't approve of this being of the Zone Diet, but we just won't tell. LOL


I asked the associates at the cupcake store how many calories were in each cupcake, on average, and they claimed to not know. YEAH RIGHT! I got it out of them to give an approximate amount, and they said 400 calories. Well, off we go to the gym in the morning to work off this treat!!


Arrie said...

Only you would make them tell you the calorie content!!

the tichenor family said...

I am seriously considering a trip to Seattle JUST for that box of cupcakes!

You are too cute!

Kelsey Smith said...


Becca said...

I've had these cupcakes- AMAZING! So worth the calories!

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