Monday, June 29, 2009


I am so incredibly pumped about my new book from Sonja! We met for lunch since her little baby is due in about a week, and she surprised me with this to plan for our trip to Asia. Gabe and I are stoked about researching Thailand, figuring out the best months to visit, and work out all the kinks of traveling overseas. Boy, is it difficult to plan. I just wish I could pick up the phone and talk to someone on the other line to tell me how far things are from each other and how one might get from Bangkok to the tip of the country, etc. Apparently, Mom said Fodor's is the way to go when planning for a trip ... Thanks Sonja!!

Anyone been to Thailand and have traveling tidbits or advice? Thankfully Carmen and Jamie just moved to Singapore a couple months ago and will be extremely helpful in the process. Plus, we will get to see them on our adventure!


Ashley said...

Jared and I were almost going to go there for our honeymoon!! Everything is beautiful and sooo cheap there. You can stay in your own villa on the ocean with your own pool for only $300 a night and get messages everyday for only $30.

I can tell you AMAZING hotels and place to go. Just email me...I know a few people that have been before. You know that is where the movie The Beach with Leo was filmed, right? Soo pretty, just takes too long to get there, that is why we decided against it for our honeymoon.

Meliha said...

I know exactly the place Ashley is talking about...we went there! It's off the coast of can take a day trip there! (It's about a 1 hr boat ride.) The nearby secluded beach is called Ko Phi Phi Le. The beach itself (where they would swim and fish for sharks) is not really inhabited...don't remember the name off the top of my head (IF it has a name), but it's a circular enclosed beach area. It's pretty but the day we went, it was OVERCROWDED with all these speedboats on day trips taking tourists there to see it. Water was really choppy (it was summertime--June or July if I remember right) and not ideal. After seeing that place, our boat took us to another secluded area which was much more calm and nice (and not full of tourists).

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