Saturday, June 13, 2009

Surprise Shower

My team had a surprise baby shower for my partner before she goes out on maternity leave next week, which I am happy for her and sad for myself :) Sonja thought she was meeting me and two of our girlfriends for a goodbye lunch, and instead was surprised by the district. There were a few missing who had prior obligations, but it was so nice to get most all of us together in celebration of her upcoming little one.

After finalizing the game plan with many people involved and tricking her along the way ... it then finally went off without a hitch. I really think she was surprised!

Crystal, Sonja, me, Jamie, Rebecca, Cheri, and Rocky

Mini Nike Shox from Robb that were soo precious!

Sonja and Jamie (my old partner who I miss working with dearly)

Sonja, you are one of the easiest partners to work with, and you're going to be incredibly missed (by me particularly - can I say that enough??)! Gabe and I are wishing you the best delivery and a healthy recovery. Get ready to juggle raising a little one and answering all of my phone calls ..... Okay, I will refrain a little so you can forget about Pfizer for a bit, but I do want to hear about everything regarding life with a BABY!!!

1 comment:

Sonja H said...

Kelsey, I know you were the culprit behind this party! I was completely surprised and blown away! I am soo happy I looked a little pulled together and didn't have a full on "Harley Hair" day since I didn't know I would be seeing everyone, but it made me feel so special and grateful to have such a good friend and team! Thanks sweetie!!!

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