Friday, June 5, 2009

A Few Updates

This week has been incredibly busy, and I don't even really don't know how I wasn't efficient to get things done like I normally do. Most evenings this week, I didn't get home till after Crossfit, which makes for a long day walking in to door at 7pm. Oh, the life of corporate America. Once I got home there was always something on my to-do list and work on, and then I would get to bed wayyyyy past my normal bedtime. I went to bed every night after midnight to 1am when normally I would be in bed by 10:30pm. I am definitely feeling it now and just wanting to dose off on the couch.

I posted briefly about this before, but Gabe's family (Randy, LaJuana, and Chris) are in town for a week. Chris is really pursuing the University of Washington and hoping to get into the history department after establishing residency for a year. So, they have spent most of the days looking at community colleges, housing, jobs in the area, transit, etc while Gabe and I work. Then, we have really enjoyed the evenings catching up and watching SYTYCD. I love the fact that they all watch this show because it puts pressure on Gabe to watch it and enjoy it too :) Now, I told him he is hooked and has to watch the entire season with me. My fingers are crossed, but I will hide and watch and see if that happens. I think it's only fair considering the countless hours of basketball I have been watching.

I got the results back from Harley's vet appointment, and her little issue comes from the buildup of crystals in her urine which lead to discomfort for her. Now, the sweet child is on Prescription Diet C/D dry food for nutritional management, help with the crystals buildup (which can lead to stones), and create pH to aid in the management of these crystals. I am so glad I got the urine tested so we know the problem. I never told ya'll ..... I did end up following her in the yard, then once she squatted, I slid a paper plate under her to catch the urine. Aren't I smart? I bet my neighbors were really wondering what I was doing. Oh well, it worked although it still cost me an arm and a leg, and Gabe said "she doesn't have a problem, just drinking too much water." Ahh, the motherly instinct! It feels good, lol!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys the weather! This past week was INCREDIBLY hot and hit almost 85 every day. We have had to sleep on top of the sheets every night, almost sweating, but let me remind you we don't have air conditioning! So, Texas folks, this proves my body has completely acclimated to Seattle. **Arrie, just imagine me saying, "It's sooo hot I'm sweating."

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Arrie said...

I can hear you perfectly!! I can't believe that in just three short years Seattle managed to suck 20 some odd years of Texas toughness out of you! You better get back here soon so the Texas summer can toughen you back up!

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