Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harley Hair

This is how I feel right now and probably look too! Gotta love "Harley Hair"

My manager is riding with me tomorrow to all of my offices and lunch appointment, so I am prepping for an eventful day with him. I have been driving a Toyota Camry as my rent car until my Subaru comes (which I get to order on Monday), and I am completely unorganized. Everything had it's place in my old car, now, not so much. I need to spend the rest of the day working on that, so I better run.

I am thrilled to order my new vehicle, but Gabe and I are going back and forth on the color. I want charcoal and he wants black. The charcoal color has a two tone look since the bottom panel is a different shade, and Gabe says that looks more like a wagon. I guess since we are trying to hide the fact that the Subaru Outback is a wagon, then I might as well get black. Although, I never wash my car. I need suggestions readers!!


Ashley said...

I have had black, silver, and charcoal cars. Mine right now is Charcoal, and to tell you the truth, you might as well have black. Charcoal looks black in certain light and it shows just as much dirt! I would get black =)

Arrie said...

I drove a black car for a million years...and never washed it. Jordan and I vote charcoal.:)

Kelsey Smith said...

Gabe also is making excuses since our other car is charcoal that we need to mix things up! Ohhh Gabe!

Jenny DB said...

Oooh, a Subaru. Very cool:)

Jamie said...

Gray! Black always looks dirty unless you are great about washing. Being a past "pfarma" girl I know how dirty our cars can get.

Jamie said...

I had to add another comment ... Harley is absolutely adorable! That hair! :)

Becca said...

What's wrong with a wagon? It's not like you are driving a minivan. Charcoal! Charcoal!

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