Friday, June 5, 2009

Can't Complain

Gabe got four tickets to the Mariners game, so he went with his Nashville visitors and left me to hold down the fort. I am so glad they are able to see the Safeco stadium and watch a game while they're in town.

Anyways, I can't complain because I'm sitting on the couch watching He's Just Not That Into You (while Shelby is too). It's fun to watch a movie in a quiet house, at the same time as someone else, and still be able to converse with someone about it.

The true reason behind this post is to share with you the news about my "dragon." Abby named my company car that almost three years ago because it is red and a drug wagon. Pretty creative. Last week, my car would have these random thrusts when my foot was on the brake, which absolutely scared me to death. I was trying to think how I would explain to my manager that I rear ended another car with my foot being on the break the entire time. I put off taking it to the dealership because it would be an inconvenience. Then .... yesterday, I was driving along and all of the sudden my car would not respond. It didn't have much power, but I wasn't shocked because I knew it was acting up. The good old car now has something else was wrong with it! This car has been through the ringer including six accidents in two and a half years with only one being my fault. It is pretty much jinxed, and this definitely forced me to go straight to the dealership. Well, the "dragon" is officially dead! I got a call today that the transmission is shot and needs to be replaced, and Pfizer doesn't want to put any more money into it considering I get to order a new vehicle next week. So, it is a very sad day in the Smith household because this car has kept me safe in each and every one of my accidents. She has taken us on every girl trip to Chelan (which we know have been interesting), all of our hiking adventures, and the day to day grind. Now, 80,000 miles later, it is time to turn her in.

The guys working at the dealership were a little curious why I wanted a picture before parting from my vehicle, but it only felt right!!!! After gathering all of my items out of the car, I called Gabe to tell him that he will never drive the Freestyle again. Such a sad day.


Arrie said...

Yea for getting a new car! Hopefully this one will bring you much better luck! And be just as you can fill it up with babies!

Robin said...

I loved the car! But, you get to get your new one now. Are you still planning on getting the one you told me about? Was it called an "outlander" or something like that. Anyway, be safe in it my dear!

Jenny DB said...

That is very sad Kels!! Goodbye Dragon! :) and thanks for motivating me to crossfit saturday! i'm definitely still feeling it today!!!

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