Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Well, I am about a week and a half late posting from Vegas.  Let's just put it this way ... I am so glad to be home and am finally getting back into my routines after traveling so much.  I had such a wonderful time in Vegas including amazing food, strolls up and down the strip during every break we had, and staying in a phenomenal hotel, The Venitian.

Entry way of the Venitian hotel with Mollie
My favorite girls from our early training days - Bekah and Rebecca - We have been through a lot together!!

This was our view from dinner at Circo in the Bellagio.

Sonja, Nicole, Jamie, and Cheri - My Seattle teammates

Can you believe I didn't gamble one dime??  It makes me too nervous!

Aren't these botanical gardens breathtaking?  Jamie, my old partner for three years, had to deal with me taking a gazillion pictures.  She tolerates me well :)

This was right inside the Venetian that seemed like an entirely different world.  We liked to make our way to the Grand Canal Shoppes over lunch to get away from the Pfizer meetings/ballrooms, so we at least felt like we were on vacation.  Performers would serenade people through the canal in the boat behind me in the picture.  It was really neat because it echoed.

Jamie, Sonja, and I were infatuated with the living statues performing throughout the Square.
At the Mirage - made me feel like I was in Hawaii again.

I think this was at MGM, not sure though.  This day so gorgeous, and I loved having to use my sunglasses.  They don't get enough wear in Seattle!

Headed to a fun dueling piano bar at New York, New York with Jamie and Sonja (who is six months preggers and such a good sport walking all over town).

On our way to eat at the highly talked about restaurant, Tao, which was delicious!  Definitely worth it.

The highlight of the trip with the girls - "O" - Cirque du Soleil.

I absolutely wanted to quit my day job and become an acrobat on this show.  It was absolutely amazing, and they are all so incredibly talented.  Maybe in my next life!!!  We had perfect seats on the balcony where I could see everything that was going on in the water.  Pretty amazing how it all comes together.

Sorry for so many pictures!  I know there were a ton, but I had to capture each and every event and couldn't pick which to leave out.  I did well to leave out the picture of all us pale Seattleites at the pool ...

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