Monday, April 6, 2009

Travels to Dallas

We were suppose to leave on a flight Thursday evening so we would be able to spend all day Friday enjoying time with family in town for Griffin's 1st Birthday party ..... but we had a slight hitch at the airport.  After parking our car, taking a shuttle, getting in line to check my oversized bag (for Dallas and Vegas), we then realized that our flight was overbooked.  It was so shocking since the 30 open seats were filled with passengers who got re-routed from their cancelled flights due to weather.  To my dismay, I found out at the ticket counter, which added a little stress to the situation.  I called my Momma who can normally solve any problem or issue, and she was just as stunned as we were.  She encouraged me to leave Gabe with the bags at the ticket counter and run through security to the ticket counter where her friend was working to see if we had a chance to squeeze on the flight with our stand-by tickets.  Long story short, we ended up not making the flight, and going back home.  Luckily, we made it out the next day just in time to make it for Griffin's BIG Birthday party.  Sweet Gabe made a trip to Dallas to spend a total of 36 hours with the family.          

My favorite sets of twins:
Erich, Ginna, Gabe, me, Gaylen, and Nicholas

The proud parents!

Granny Gari with Griffin when he was being delicate with the cake.

Then he learned how to get dirty and enjoy all the flavors of the icing!!

He was so generous to share with Opa!

All the girls before the present opening begins.

This sums up the excitement while opening presents.  We loved singing Happy Birthday over and over again watching Griffin dance with his hands to the sound of the song.  Such a sweet time to watch the birthday boy with a huge grin on his face.

Then we had a modeling shoot outside in the backyard, and I loved these that captured the moment!

All the grandkids with our Granny Gayle.  She really would give anything for each and every one of us, and we love you for that GG!

Dabney Fletcher took these headshots of my Grandparents .... aren't they amazing!!!

Overall, the weekend was a huge success.  We will never be able to get that time back, and I am so thankful for all of you.  Cheers to adding another baby to the Brooke family!!!

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