Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oprah's Top Burger Spot

Red Mill Burger has been rated the "The Best Burger in Seattle" 10 years in a row and "One of the top 20 burgers to eat before you die" from the Oprah Show.  It is one of my favorite places with a quaint little atmosphere, tucked away in the Seattle neighborhood, and always so jammed packed.  I never crave a burger, unlike my other half who could eat one every meal until he dies, but I proudly order one here!  Aunt Tanis (my Dad's sister) and Uncle Don were in town this week for work, and we were able to catch up and eat at Red Mill for some amazing dinner this evening.  I am still incredibly full and feeling guilty from my burger and onion rings :)   It isn't a greasy burger, and if this isn't an oxymoron ... it seems like the healthiest burger out there.  

They are spending the weekend with me, and we are going to Victoria, B.C.!  So, stay tuned for an update from my first trip to Canada.  I have wanted to take advantage of being able to travel across the border since I live a skip away, but losing our birth certificates in the move delayed the process until I admitted they were lost.  Tanis has talked about Victoria for quite some time, and I am really looking forward to this all coming together and using my passport for the very first time.


Arrie said...

Yum! Tell them hello for us. We miss being their neighbors!

Anonymous said...
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