Sunday, April 26, 2009

Victoria, British Columbia

Our trip to Victoria went off without a hitch, and I am kicking myself for not making this trip before now.  The ferry left the Seattle port and took about two and a half hours to get to Victoria, and it was a pretty peaceful ride with only a little rocking towards the end.  I normally don't get motion sickness, but when I went to the top level to walk around .... I felt a little uneasy!  There were a couple other people hanging around the bathrooms with bags in hand, hoping their weren't going to puke!  After I sat back down, I felt fine and am very thankful for that.  

Once we arrived in Victoria, a charter bus was waiting to take a group of us on a tour around the city.  It was the perfect way to experience the highlights in such a short time frame on the 45 min ride to (and from) the Butchart Gardens.  Then, we arrived at the famous Butchart Gardens, and they were absolutely breathtaking!  I took about 150 photos, and we found it was almost impossible to capture how surreal and peaceful this place really was.


April is a time for daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth flowers.  
All of these are pictured below the Flowering Cherry Tree.

The Fritillaria flower - Isn't it so unique!

The Gardening House

The Ross Fountain

The Rose Garden - The roses weren't in season, but I assume it would be magnificient when they're in bloom.

The Sturgeon Fountain

Overlook from the Italian Garden

Aunt Tanis and me

The Show Greenhouse

Aunt Tanis, me , and Uncle Don with my favorite - The Rhododendron flower

Tulips and more tulips

Lastly, the Sunken Garden - which was my favorite.  Doesn't it look too good to be true?

Uncle Don and Aunt Tanis .... Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful trip.  I will never forget these memories, and I am so glad we made this happen.  Love you both and look forward to seeing you again soon.  You are welcome to stay with us anytime, so don't even think about booking a hotel next time because I am going to make you cancel your reservations like this past vist!  I see a golf trip in the near future ..... 

(Gabe was in eastern Washington on a four day golf trip with twelve guys.  I was so sad he missed out on this trip, but glad I had such great company!)
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