Sunday, April 12, 2009

Newlywed Photos .... 3 years late"

Here are some post-wedding pictures that we like to think of as engagement pictures or newlywed photos ..... three years late!  When we were in Dallas, we took these totally spur of the moment and just for fun.  The sun was shining directly in our eyes where it seemed impossible to open them, but we managed to squint enough to see out with a smile  :)                                                                                                        


If anyone is looking to have lovely pictures taken for a special event, I highly recommend Dabney!  She did all this in my parents backyard, in a matter of ten minutes, and with not much to work with (including us having no idea how to pull off the model look!)..... Let me know if you need her contact information for a photoshoot in Dallas.


Arrie said...

I love these and can totally see them framed in your house and on the mantle! :)

Robin said...

I LOVE these new pictures! They so capture your personalities! It looks like you had a blast taking them too.

Nicole-Lynn said...

They turned out adorable! Love them.

Hannah said...

Gorgeous pictures!

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