Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Knoxville Smith's

My wonderful parents-in-law came to spend their Spring Break with us a little over a week ago, and we had such a nice visit. They came with a "house warming present," which was their excuse to bring a fun gift that we could all play together. They brought us a Wii!!! I had played the Wii with Katie and Brian at their house, and we are so thrilled to officially have our own. We might be on the tail end of having this cool form of Nintendo, but all I have to say is that it is never too late!

Here are some funny pictures from our multiple afternoons of playing Wii. Robin was surprisingly AMAZING at bowling, and she got EIGHT strikes in a row even if she had a hard time figuring out the controls every time it was her turn :)    

Gabe and I messed around with the Wii for at least a couple hours last night. We put our SD memory card into the device, and it played a slide show of all of our pictures from the last three years. Yes, I like to keep all my pictures on my memory card so I can always view them in times like these :) Then, we figured out that there was a "puzzle" feature, and we had the time of our lives turning a picture into 48 puzzle pieces and trying to get them in the right spot with record time.

Thanks Mark and Robin for a fun filled weekend of good food, intense games of the Wii, church, and a relaxing visit to just hang out.  Love you!

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Robin said...

My dear sweet daughter in love, we had the most wonderful time! I was almost glad it rained so much so that we would stay in and just hang out with you guys and the Wii. Your cooking was amazing and your hospitality incredible. Can't wait to do it again.

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