Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Inspiration

My new photos really inspired me to create a header with an updated look.  I used to create the header, which Abby encouraged me to do from scratch instead of using one that is pre-made.  I was so lucky to have her create my first header when I started my blog, and man I should not have taken that for granted.  This one took me awhile to create from scratch, but it was well worth it.  It got my creative juices going, and I'm glad I made it the way I wanted.  Yay for a blog makeover.  Although, I just realized that I retained similar colors as before even though I meant to modify them.  Oh well, maybe next time I will go "crazy berserko" and choose something really wild. 

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter with their families.  We just got home from Easter dinner with our good friends, Katie and Bryan.  We had a potluck, and they surprised us with peppered beefalo as the main course.  They didn't tell us until after we ate the meal, ranted and raved about it, and devoured it that it was actually beefalo and not steak.  Little do they know, that we are from Texas and love any kind of red meat!  Everyone should try it .... 70% less cholesterol and incredibly lean.

1 comment:

The Fletchers said...

I love your new header!!! So cute!

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