Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun morning/night with the hubby

It has been really nice driving south to my new territory since Gabe works in that direction as well. I was able to drive him to work two days this week, which is nice because it motivates me to start work earlier than normal and saves him a lot of time on his commute. Plus, it gives us time to chat when we usually wouldn't.

This morning, we stopped at a local coffee hut and got a tasty peppermint mocha. Mocha's are not my thing, but this place makes them so good I can't resist. Of course it's nonfat, but it's definitely not as healthy for me. The sugar gets me going though, and it's perfect while we cruise to work in the HOV lane. This allows Gabe to relax in the passenger seat and not have to sit in what seems like a parking lot while driving to the office. So, that is always a great way to start out the morning .... then, I picked him up at the end of the workday and headed to the gym together. I always love working out at the same time, even though we don't actually workout together :) It is so nice to have someone motivate you on an evening when one of us would rather be sitting on the couch after a long day. Thankfully, working out has always been apart of both of our lives, which makes it that much easier and more enjoyable to do together.

We were debating what to eat for dinner, but not really. I was debating when Gabe said lets go to the Casper's: A Taste of the South .... a BBQ trailer a block away from our house. We have driven past it for a couple weeks now, and Gabe tried it for the first time last night. He talked about it all last night, all day today, and the entire way home from the gym. So, I said I would go with him and try in since I do love some BBQ. It is a young guy in his early 30's who bought all the recipes from a 75 year old for some good old southern cookin'. They have everything from gator to brisket, okra to fried pickles, and best of all beignets. My meal consisted of okra and hush puppies, and holy cow it was amazing. Most people from Washington don't know what okra is, but I will definitely be teaching my friends after this amazing visit. We literally ran home with the to-go food in one hand and dogs in the other so all the fried food would be fresh. What a fun day with the hubby!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend and remember most of all the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior!

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