Monday, April 12, 2010

Wishful Wed Topic ....Charity

Thanks to Jenny DB over at So Say I,
for her WW topic suggestion!!  (This is where I should admit prying one out of her .... but nah.)  She's a dear friend of mine, a fellow Crossfitter, and a really sweet/fun friend.  

This weeks topic:

'I wish' .... I had never-ending funds to donate to ______ charity!

What charity do you or do you wish you supported and why?

**Email me any ideas you have for future topics :)  Most of you know the routine by now, but for my new readers .... Give yourself something fun to blog/post about on Wednesday and don't forget to tell us why.  All you have to do is come back on Wednesday, attach the button, and link up with your web address with MckLinky.  


Stevie said...

I would split it between Planned Parenthood - because reproductive and sexual health is something that is VERY important to me and this world and they provide an amazing service to this country. And the Seattle Humane Society - because DUH. Animals need our help. :-)

Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

Childrens Hospital in Seattle because my cousin was a patient there years ago with her struggle and loss to brain cancer.
And the humane Society because animals deserve way better than some people treat them. It just makes me want to cry.. even in the gym. Damn commercials!

Juliana said...

Awesome topic. I am so glad that you got the Clarisonic too!

Teresa said...

Hello Sweetpea!
My heart BEAMS for all the furry creatures in the world!

Samantha Levang said...

I'm so excited to write about this! There just so happens to be a charity I recently discovered that helps victims of sex trafficking. I can't wait to spread the news!

Alissa said...

Great topic...

How about for a future topic...

I wish I could change my eye/hair color for a day and have _______ eyes/hair.

I wish someone could share their fortune with me for a day and I would _________ with my day.

I wish I could change one thing about myself and it would be _______.

I wish I had (this store) _________ as my personal closet and could shop from it daily.

Just Add Walter said...

awesome topic!! can't wait to see what everyone says!

Iva said...

WOOHOO!!! awesome topic!! it will be fun to see what everyone says!! :)

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