Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in Seattle

We had a wonderful Christmas in Seattle before I was able to go to Dallas. One of my best friends, Mollie, included Gabe and me in on their family Christmas. It was a great treat and so nice to have a family adopt us over the Holidays.

At the end of dinner, Mollie and Jason surprised us with a present for Harley .... new stairs to put by the bed! For the last two years, Harley has used all of my fancy pillows as "a ramp" to get on the bed. We have been unable to move the pillows (unless company is coming over) because it is so hard for my 4 lbs rugrat to make it up and down. So, now I have to make my bed everyday since I don't have an excuse anymore :) We are so thankful for our friends to include us with their family, and we LOVE the new stairs. Thank you, Thank you!

Gabe's favorite present would be his De'Longhi espresso machine. Once we moved to Seattle, he has become a huge coffee drinker. After making a trip to Starbucks once ... sometimes twice a day ... I gave in and thought this would be better for the pocketbook! There is a true skill to making a tasty Mocha, and Gabe has mastered a pretty great treat. So, anyone and is welcome to come over to Gabe's coffee shop.

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