Monday, January 5, 2009

Visiting my favorite 36 week preggers friend

I got to drive my Momma's brand new Smart Car, which she likes to call her "Blue Bug." Arrie calls it a wind up car, and I would have to agree because it warms up as if you just twisted the key and it's going to take off. I got lots of stares, but all in all it is so fun to drive and a great means to meet Abbdae in.

It was so wonderful to see Abby and spend the day doing our thing'. Abby noted in her blog that I immediately "lifted her shirt, pulled down the band on her pants, fully exposing the belly ... within two minutes of seeing her." It is true, and I don't believe in personal space with Abby so I treated her belly as my own :)

By the way, doesn't she look fantastic?

Of course, I had to bring goodies for Colt since I wasn't able to make it to Abby's previous shower!

Then, it was essential to take a "roadtrip" to Royse City to see the finished babyroom. It is only 35 minutes from Abby's mom's house, but 45 from my mom's house, which seems like an eternity to me. Before moving to Seattle, I wouldn't drive anywhere that was further than 15 minutes (and that is even stretching it). Everything in Uptown is just minutes away or walking distance, so normally I am not excited about spending so much time in the car. Now that I drive for a living in Seattle putting approximately 30k miles a year, I am a little more use to it and would drive the distance to see Colt's room.

Blake and Abby are so creative and have pretty much made everything in the baby's room ... with help from family members. Her theme fits them perfectly and can't wait to see pics with Colt poking his head over the crib.

So proud of you Abbdae, and you will be an amazing Mommy in just a couple of weeks!

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thekrecks said...

AWWWWWWWW...I miss you already. Come back come back! Love you

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