Monday, January 26, 2009

What Happened!

Being a true Texas girl, I am a big fan of Jessica Simpson. Whether it was wasting my time watching Newlyweds, listening to her pop music go country, or reading about her dating life with Tony Romo ..... I am always following along.

I saw this picture today on the Popsugar blog, and I was not too impressed. What happen to her cute figure and taste of style?! Is it just me, or what do ya'll think?


the tichenor family said...

Oh. My. Goodness. It seems Miss Simpson is enjoying the queso a little too much. AND, I am pretty sure my 83 year old grandma has the SAME pair of jeans. Hot stuff!

Melissa said...

those pants aren't working...

Abby said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! The pants are definitely a NO GO, but she looks like a different person. Geez. I wonder if its been photoshopped.

Zworg2 said...

Yup that is not the Jessica Simpson I know from only a short itme ago.... looks like she has aged about 20 years in one.

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