Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Is anyone else ready for the gym to become less crowded?! I asked the manager at LA Fitness how many new members have joined in the last week, and he said 400 .... holy cow!! I feel like all 400 people have begun working out at my exact hour, and I wish it would go back to the less crowded and more enjoyable days. The second I leave one machine to continue on with my circuit of going to a different one, it is then taken. Plus, I had to stand and wait for an elliptical and/or treadmill because every single one was being used. That has never happened before, and it is a little awkward staring at people while they workout insinuating that you would like to use their machine!

I figure it will only last another couple weeks, and then my life at the gym will go back to normal!

Speaking of losing weight and getting fit at the gym, is everyone watching The Biggest Loser? This is our households favorite show of the year, and Gabe and I are so glad we only had to wait a couple weeks for the next season to begin. I have turned many people on to this show, and if you haven't watched an episode before ... please give it a chance and start. It is reality TV, but real issues of families changing their lives and taking care of their bodies. I get teary eyed, multiple times, every episode. Weird, me crying?? ha


czstout said...

I love biggest loser!!! It's the best show ever!!!

Chanes said...

statistics show that over 90% of new years resolutions are not even remotely sought after by February hang in there....only 4 more weeks of crazy gym situations....then you are free!

Jacci said...

i go to 24 hour and it. is. crazy. the line to drop off scarlett is like 15 minutes long right now. i hate it! i go in the morning but everyone says its 10 times as bad at night. hopefully it'll get better soon! :)

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