Sunday, October 31, 2010

Port Douglas-Day 9

I had heard from one of my doctors that Australia adolescents have by far and away the highest incident of malignant melanoma in the world.  That was shocking to me, but we learned quickly why as the sun is deceiving here and way stronger than we imagined.

4-Mile Beach starts in downtown Port Douglas and goes on for miles - four to be exact :)  From 6am to about 9am, this place is PACKED!  Then once the sun comes out, everyone disperses.

This beach has a stinger net during the stinger season, 
and it's recommended to only swim within the protective barriers.  

Hard sand, which made walking extremely easy with sandals.

The small crabs kept us entertained as they were EVERYWHERE!

We walked super far so we had a private beach to ourselves!


After roasting for a couple hours, we headed in to meet 
Suze and Mark for round 2 at Rattle Hum!

And we found our Melbourne friends again as it's a very small town!!

They taught us all about Vegemite (food paste made from yeast extract)! 
Gabe is smiling here, note it's BEFORE he tried it.

Then our evening got exciting by going to the Cane Toad Races!
Cute little guys before the race

The festivities begin by doing everything in your power to get the toad to jump off the table without your hands.  It required a lot of skill and/or obnoxious noises.

I was chosen to be the score keeper

It was a Port Douglas crowd pleaser!

After the show was over, majority of the restaurants were closed, and were thrilled to find Porto's Pizza still serving food as we hadn't eaten!

He was trying to describe what capsicum was and finally had to show me! 
Ah-ha!   *We call that red/green peppers!

Check out these pizzas - 
We let the Aussies order and said we were along for the ride!

Half Aussie (ham, bacon, onion, and egg) and Half Cassius Clay

"The Aussie" pizza was a little too strange for us, but BBQ sauce with pesto, capers, and pepperoni on a pizza was AMAZING!!  I went to bed fat and happy after this meal and a long day in the sun!

Our Great Barrier Reef trip is next!
To be continued ....


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Interesting fact about Australia! Love your pictures, you are both so beautiful together...and that pizza looks oh so yummy!!!

Liesl :)

Lindsay said...

oh my word egg on pizza???? that sounds gross lol
definitely sounds like they have much different tastes in food than we do in the US

rinniez said...

Aussie has always been my familys favourtie topping!
What is wrong with you Americans? haha jokes jokes!

jayme said...

i have loved reading all of these posts about your awesome trip! i'm not great at commenting but i've read every single one and it seems so incredible! xoxo!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Yes the ozone layer is crazy there.. That's nuts everyone is gone at 9am! Did you get to drive on the beach? One island I went to off the coast their highway is on the beach due to the hard sand. Love the froggy races I love frogs.

Ali said...

I love that you guys found friends, suuuch a small world! Haha. They seem lovely.

Erika Peterson said...

What a fun trip!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Ohhh I've heard of vegimite... And that beach is beautiful!

Marian said...

Oh my goodness....vegemite!! I remember when Becca brought it over...kind of made me gag:)

Sole Matters said...

sounds like so far its been an amazing trip!! i have to say, you have an amazing body! i want it! haha

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