Saturday, October 16, 2010

CSN Stores: Amaaazing

My fingers have just been searching away on the CSN website after being contacted by them to review another product.  Everything is available (and some) at such a reasonable price, so I am stoked about the opportunity.

New end tables for our living room?
Luggage for our future travels?
A wine refrigerator for fun?
Entire set of new pots?

I could spend all day looking for the perfect product, but thankfully Arrie is in town to help me decide on something.  Sisters are just the best as I am so indecisive, and there is so much to choose from!!!!

Stay tuned ....


Christen said...

I know, they are the best! In fact, I'm doing a giveaway for a CSN gift card right now!

To enter, go to:

Jessica said...

I smell a give away of your own... maybe? :D

PaigeR530 said...

I love that website!!

Neha said...

Sisters sure are great help! Waiting to know what you got :)

Shannon said...

I've seen this CSN stuff around the blogs but have never visited. Now I've got to go check it out!

Candice Pair said...

Oooh exciting!! I could spend hours on their website, too!

Tatiana said...

I love looking at all their stuff and dreaming all the things I can have! So fun!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I'm going to be doing a review too and I have always loved learning about new sites and spreading the word...I did some earlier, but it is fun to be asked to review too! :) I look forward to seeing what you choose...I'm still looking for my review of choice!

Liesl :)

blossoming love said...

i love your blog, i am so glad i stumbled upon it! :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I do so love looking at CSN's online store! Just sooo many things to choose from! That is the hardest part!

I am popping over from Michelle's blog and your comment left on her post...I have today off of work from the dental office, so am getting some art orders done and some fun blog reading in :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
It's fun to meet other bloggers :o)

Amber said...

CSN is totally awesome!! I haven't bought anything from them yet, but I am eyeing a lot.

I came across your blog while looking at Carlton's Corner. I am going to join all of your other followers.

Have a blessed day!

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