Sunday, October 31, 2010

Port Douglas-Day 8

Making breakfast in our awesome kitchen!
There are no words for this picture .... 
(although 13 hour time zone difference gets ya every time)!

Little did we know that they sell this fancy mix in the states.
Hands down the BEST pancake I've ever had, slightly comical right?!
Just add water TO the bottle, and PRESTO!!!

Ventured into town - I can't get over how lush everything is!

As we were walking though this restaurant/pub and checking out their menu, a girl came up to us and said, "Were you on the Gold Coast two days ago?" We thought for a minute since we don't even know what day it is here, and said "yes!"   We followed her out onto the patio as she said her husband thought we looked familiar .... and what a small world it is!!

Well, we had run into this young guy in his early 30's at 7-Eleven and asked him about the energy drink he was paying for as we had never heard of it.  We talked to him an whopping 20 seconds, and then he recognized us at this restaurant in Port Douglas.  
He later told us that he informed his buddies while he was getting energy drinks for his wedding day, that he met some Canadians (which is hysterical).  Then, the weirder part was we actually walked by their wedding on our trek back from the Spit in Main Beach!!!!  

Mark and Suze - Our Aussie stalkers!!  Love em' for it!

They were now in Port Douglas on holiday for their honeymoon!  We laughed and laughed about us getting espresso from the 7-Eleven machine and me taking pictures along the way.  A tourist has to document one way or another, and I prefer photos to back me up other than just taking my word on it!  

SUCH a small world and stayed and talked to them for 4 hours!
AND planned our next rendezvous and Great Reef Trip!

Rattle Hum was the place to be!!

Laid back island life -- Looking a little rough!

Then, another 3 hours were spent in these same chairs with a retiree couple that were so interesting from Melbourne.  We loved getting the scoop as why everyone vacations to Port Douglas right now from Melbourne:  it's is the coldest part of AUS and their winter right now.  

After 7 hours in the same chairs, garlic pizza was the answer!

After meeting people from New Zealand, my only disappointment was not working NZ into the trip as it seems amazing.  Wish we could have just tacked it on one way or another, ahh maybe I will get to visit in our next life. Halfway through the trip, I started saying I'm from "The States" instead of the US as that's how all the Australians refer to Americans!  People were so very friendly and loved chatting it up with us :)

Yes, once again,
To be continued ....


Cody and Lindsay said...

You are on a role and I am loving FINALLY getting to hear about your trip!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I think garlic pizza is always the answer! ;)

Liesl :)

Melissa G. said...

"looking a little rough"? Pulleeez!=) You guys always look awesome!
It sounds like an amazing trip!

Jax said...

:) I want to go somewhere and say I'm from "the states" :) So cute!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh that pizza looks awesome! And New Zealand can be on the next trip to that hemisphere!

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