Friday, October 29, 2010

The Gold Coast-Day 4

After non-stop go go go, were were anxious for  
Relaxation on the Gold Coast!

The Smith's (that's us!) sadly said fair well to Sydney and were excited for the warmer weather as we made our way up the eastern coast of Australia to the Gold Coast.  We knew the weather will progressively get warmer as the trip progresses and it was suppose to mid 70's in Surfers.  Quantas Airlines is definitely the way to go, and is quite impressive serving 200 people breakfast with an hour and twenty minute flight time.  I can appreciate this as my mom is a flight attendant and has been for 18 or so years.

Their newspaper is so wide!

Breakfast for champions -- Light n' Tasty was the best Australian cereal!

Gabe passing time on the train watching Family Guy,
LAUGHING OUT LOUD .... which required me to secretively video him!

I have to pat myself on the back here as I am seriously amazed by my ability to navigate public transportation including the train and bus all by myself .... considering I have never really done it before in the US.  Traveling across the country without a travel agents help makes me even more proud of myself.  Lots of googling people!  Everything went off without a hitch, fly to Brisbane, 90 min train to Surfers Paradise, a 20 min bus ride, and then a 3 minute walk to our hotel ;)  

Made it to Surfers (as the locals call it)

So many high-rises
Our hotel, The Vibe, is on the left

Grabbed some grub at a local pub.  Can't wait to post about favorite Australian beers as we tried a different one at every place.  Gabe ordered chicken snitchzel for the first time, my nachos were blah!

First task, make our way to the pool on a gorgeous day!

Loving our balcony

Made a new friend

Hotel pool at sunset

We were in the mood for pizza and came across Mondo's

Check out this menu - Each pizza was named after the style their known for!  Of course America was pepperoni :)

Can you say generous with their toppings.  I had to pick half the ham off!

Our first impression of Surfers was it reminded us of Miami.  
It was really casual and your typical beach place, which we LOVED!!

I have so much more to share, so you guessed it
To be continued ....


Jordan said...

Does that pizza even have cheese on it?? LOL

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Looks so pretty there!

Katie said...

The outside pics are beautiful ((minus the iguana--ick!))

Lindsay said...

That pool at sunset is amazing! Looks like such a great time. Did you guys enjoy yourself?

Samantha said...

Australia just looks great all around!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hotel! Love the sunset shot!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

You are a power blogger! I just sat down to my reader and I'm so excited to read all your posts!

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