Sunday, October 31, 2010

Port Douglas-Day 7

"Holiday" as Aussies call it, was just perfect thus far!  The biggest positive about leaving The Gold Coast is the temperatures at our next stop, Cairns and Port Douglas, were in the low to mid 80's. 

The other plus was we're only half way into our trip!
(That's the best feeling)

I broadened my horizons by trying Ginger Beer as they were serving it on the plane.  Everyone was drinking it, so I thought I have to try it!!!  
The first sip was odd, and then it completely grew on me.  
I could totally see myself stocking it at the house.

Has anyone tried Ginger Beer?!
Oprah just talked about some Moscow Mule drink that has Ginger Beer in it ... may have to check it out :)

**I checked Wikipedia for an official description .... "Commercial ginger beer is similar to ginger ale except that it has a significantly stronger ginger taste and is sometimes described as ginger ale with a kick."

Once landing in Cairns, I could feel the humidity instantly.  After being born and raise in the south and leaving Texas, I realized humidity is the one thing I could always live without :)  This part of Australia felt a lot like Hawaii and Florida.  We took a shuttle a little over an hour north, and it was the craziest ride of my life.  I have never been one to get car sick, but ohhhhh my.  I could not wait to get to Port (as the locals call it) and just get out of the back row of the shuttle, with no air conditioning.  

Our accommodations for the week - Port Douglas Retreat

We could appreciate this part of Australia that much more as it is completely different than Sydney and Surfers Paradise.  Port Douglas was a sleepy little town where everyone vacationed from all over Australia and New Zealand.  I met probably 30 plus people from Melbourne!!  Not one American ... how sad.  But, lots of boutique shops, cafes, and nice restaurants all within a few blocks!

Popped over for some lunch, forgot the places name!

Loved their advertising of "Super-Sized Corona"
as it's our regular size in the states.

Before heading back to our place, we walked around town and thought it would be worthwhile to stock up with necessary items as our place had a kitchen and we were staying awhile.  

Gotta love grocery stores where things 
have different names that what we're use to!!  

Weeties, Rice Bubbles, and Coco Pops :)

So get this!!!!!  After talking to some folks in town .... I learned not only do I have to worry about sharks here, but CROCS (we call them crocodiles)!!  They have STINGERS (we call them jellyfish) that are really dangerous around Nov in their summer.  Thankfully, it's not stinger season, but crocodiles .... Ohhh my!  I am still psychologically trying to pump myself up for our Reef Snorkel Tour as I am terrified.

Stay tuned to see if I am brave enough!
To be continued ....


rinniez said...

haha we call them crocodiles and jellyfish too, people up north just love their aussie slang! lol.
As for cereal, what do you have if you dont have coco pops and rice bubbles? they are our staples!!! I thought for sure America would have them too!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love all the photos! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Steph S. said...

I love Love LOVE reading about your travels! I have yet to travel abroad, but it's something I want to do so badly- except, I'm a little bit chicken! Your blog helps me realize there is nothing to fear... I love your adventures!

Jen said...

What a trip so far! I'm super jealous, it looks amazing.

Yes, I've had ginger beer... it's popular in Bermuda as well, mixed with Gosling's dark rum... they call it the Dark 'n Stormy, and it's delicious. My favorite cocktail.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh my gosh I just watched Orpah's camping trip where she talked about that drink. I love ginger so I bet I would love that ginger beer. Have you seen it in the US?

Jesica said...

Haha! Oh the dangers of Oz!

Love the hubbies shirt btw!

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